Friday, 31 December 2010

Honesty is the best Policy

Ok so if I'm being really and truly honest I have done very little if any work over Christmas on this project. Oops! My master plan was to...

A) Finish uni on the 10th of Dec and spend the next week working my job in the mornings and sculpting in the    
B) Research at home in the week up to Christmas and relax for the remaining time before coming back to Bournemouth.

In actual fact this is what happened...

A) Finished uni on the 10th of Dec and spent the whole of the next week working flat out at my job simply because I am a poor student and do not seem to have the ability to say no when my boss offers me more hours.
B) Spent the week leading up to Christmas on an unforeseen, but much appreciated work experience placement at Fosters and Partners, commuting to London everyday from Kent.
C) Sleeping and generally eating more food than is necessary.

Mega action plan very much needed.

Friday, 17 December 2010

Aris Kolokontes

Aris Kolokontes is an amazing sculptor. Originally from Athens, Greece he likes to create monsters and has been doing so since he was very young after being inspired by monster movies. Kolokontes is a creature designer with original ideas.  Most of his pieces are cast in silicone or latex where some are freestyle sculpted, letting his imagination and gut instincts take over about what to create. Others are thought about before, using Zbrush to produce a computerized concept to be referred to during a practical sculpt.

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Ron Mueck

Ron Mueck is a sculptor who specialises in realistic sculpts.  His larger than life pieces are produced using Fiberglass resin. He began his career as a Modelmaker working for children's TV and films in Australia where he was born. Mueck also made models for advertising before sculpting the more realistic pieces that you see here. The way that Mueck sculpts is amazing, showing muscle detail, fat, skin, and bones and capturing the emotion and expression of the subject.

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

The Commercial Exploration Unit

This blog is a way for me to log my research, ideas and making processes which I will be undertaking in my next project on the Bournemouth Modelmaking course. The next unit is called Commercial Exploration. It is in this unit that we are to chose a subject that we are interested in studying and learn about it, researching the techniques and processes used and finding out about industry practice, by talking to professionals and going on work experience. The conclusion will be a  final piece that will showcase all of our research. For my project I will be looking at Sculpture. I want to learn about various different sculpting techniques, materials used and the different areas of sculpting that are practiced.