Saturday, 5 February 2011

Art and Display

Many sculptors are focused towards the fine art industry, producing installations and exhibiting their work to art critics and the public. Sculpting is an art form, highlighting talent, creativity and skill. However that art form can sometimes be lost in industry. I was told on a company visit by a sculptor that "it is always money that defines how creative you can be. If you cannot accept this then you fall in to the fine art category." This is where the art world and the commercial side differ as sculpting from a fine art perspective is more about a creative outlet and for those who want to express their thoughts, feelings and views. Although many of these artworks do make money.

This sculpture of Damian Hurst committing suicide was done by Eugenio Merino it is a comment on how he values money, portraying how the only way that Hurst could make any more money out of his work would be if he were to kill himself, which proved to be very a striking and controversial piece of art.

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