Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Design Works Revelations

After all the researching into tools and buying different things, I go on a company visit and find that most people for the small sculpts use a variation of a cocktail stick! Most stick to one or two small tools that they use all the time. For the small scale character modelling that they do the sculptors like to use the ball tool frequently to get into all the nooks and crannies. Tiranti number 46 is also one that a few of them like to use. I guess it depends on the individual and what they get used to and find helpful to them.

With digital technology coming into being such as haptic arms, freeform sculpting and 3D printing|I asked whether traditional methods are used less and about the type of skills that they look for in a sculptor. And although there are advances in 3D technology frequently, I was told that it is still important to have traditional hand skills. Programs like Freeform are still designed for sculpting. You could not put an engineer on it and expect them to create a good sculpt. There are projects that simply can't afford to use this technology so a sculptor must have the knowledge and practical handcraft skills.

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