Friday, 11 February 2011

The Making of The Iron Giant

I started this sculpt by making an armature which had the basic proportions of the shoulders. I then packed this out using tin foil and wire. Over the top of this I added the Super sculpey firm. The last sculpt did not go how I had planned it as I left myself only 4 days to complete it. This was due to over running my time plan in previous weeks. Therefore this was quite a rushed process to mett the deadline. Because of time constraints I decided to only focus on the front of the sculpt.

I cut out styrene outline of the front view and the side view so that I could keep comparing the shape and size of my model. I chose to do this sculpt because it was much more angular than the other two and showed a different skill. I got these straight edges and angles by using a scapel to carve pieces of sculpey away. I also used lighter fluid to blend in edges.

When it came to doing the head the armature underneath was not sturdy enough a so i bulked it out using milliput as a base.

The final model was not completed and I was not happy with the standard of the model. Although this can only be expected from a rushed sculpt. I did produce a small maquette of the head before christmas which is shown below just to give an example of what the head might have looked like.

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  1. Hi Cat, Hope tis not to stupid a question but could you not have used the Head Sculpt you made earlier as the Head for the finished Sculpt??

    It looks great, Darn those pesky time constraints!!