Friday, 7 January 2011

The Automotive Industry


Car sculpture in the automotive industry is used for design purposes. It is an age old technique and helps to develop and convey ideas of shape and form for car designers.  Sometimes the sculptors must follow the designs exactly, but the use of clay to model with also means that if the designer wants then curves and lines may be experimented with. The method for sculpting in this way involves a rig that is built underneath to bulk out the shape and give some initial measurements to start with. The clay used is very hard and must be heated and spread on to the rig. Then to gain the curves and shape of the car the sculptors use a scraping method to carve into the clay.  As well as this manual method the industry has expanded so that there is an automated method which uses a milling machine to cut the 3D measurements. However sculptors may also be used for finishing techniques and other adjustments.

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