Sunday, 2 January 2011

Fosters & Partners

So although I did not have time to make a start on the sculpting that I had planned I did  learn more about the commercial world by spending a week on work experience at Fosters and Partners working in their Modelmaking workshop.  The work which we were helping with was the animation of the final presentation model.  This is the process of attaching trees, people, cars, furniture and anything else to add detail and bring the model to life.  Most of this involved gluing together office tables and chairs and painting figures. Part of our work did actually involve sculpting as some of the 1:50 scale people needed to be wearing different outfits and hats and be made to look like certain reference pictures. This involved using filler, Milliput and a scalpel to sculpt clothes, using a mixture of smoothing and shaping whilst the material was wet and carving when hardened to gain the correct shape needed. It was an enjoyable placement and although there was not really any sculpting that I could witness and learn about I did experience the architectural industry and learn about some of the Modelmaking practices used.

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